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The Research Her

The Research Her is a weekly science communication podcast for us that provides reliable and relatable topics from how hair products affect health to the effects of Instagram on mental health. It encourages improvement of the disproportionate amount of research focused on minorities. Host Elissia Franklin is a black woman in chemistry who shares the woes and rewards in her field while learning of research in many areas.

Jun 17, 2021

In honor of Megan Thee Stallion's THOT Shit release, we talk about hoe shit, the history of being considered a hoe, the politics of body autonomy, and the practice of pleasure activism. We get into the origin of the word, the work of pleasure activists, the history of control over black women's bodies, and how to ways to pursue personal liberation.

In the episode, we talk Drs.

  • Clarissa 'Serenity' Francis
  • Ashley Townes
  • Jasmine Abrams
  • Zelaika Hepworth Clarke

Connect with them:

Clarissa 'Serenity' Francis, PhD, CSE

Black Sexual Liberation Scholar

Instagram:@ therealhotgirldoc


Ashley Townes, PhD

Sexuality Educator & Researcher


Linktree: drashleytownes


Jasmine Abrams, PhD

Behavioral research scientist



Zelaika Hepworth Clarke, PhD, MSW, MEd

Cultural and clinical sexologist,  Anti-racist sexuality educator


Instagram: @dr.zel



Connect with us:


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