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The Research Her

The Research Her is a weekly science communication podcast for us that provides reliable and relatable topics from how hair products affect health to the effects of Instagram on mental health. It encourages improvement of the disproportionate amount of research focused on minorities. Host Elissia Franklin is a black woman in chemistry who shares the woes and rewards in her field while learning of research in many areas.

Jun 8, 2021

The narrative about being single is often seen as monolithic. Every single person is expected to want a relationship. There are stereotypes about educated Black women and their desires. In this episode, we two Black women share their story.


In this episode we discuss: 

  • Family and friends putting pressure on single women to find partners
  • Women's desire to be married or single long term
  • Priorities when pursuing one's profession and dating.

More About Beverly Hutcherson 

As a Biologist, Beverly seeks to apply her knowledge in efforts that bridge that gap between the biomedical community and the public. Having navigated a variety of clinical laboratory, academic research, outreach and allied health care positions, she is excited to share her expertise in supporting the next generation of STEM and clinical health care workers.


Academically Beverly holds a Bachelor of Science in Biology from Marquette University, graduate training in Sustainability Leadership and Social Innovation from Edgewood College and is completing her Master of Science in Reproductive Endocrinology Physiology at the University of Wisconsin Madison. Through the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology and the Wisconsin National Primate Center, Beverly is investigating Anti-Mullerian Hormone’s role in inhibiting meiotic progression in the follicles of human and non-human primates with polycystic ovary syndrome.


Professionally Beverly, along with a small team built UW Health’s first workforce development department where they designed and implemented programs to prepare and train people in a variety of health care careers. At the UW Madison School of Medicine and Public Health, she functions as a strategist who designs and implements projects and programs that diversify pathways to STEM and healthcare and works closely with senior leaders across the UW System.


Originally from Milwaukee, WI, a first generation college student, Beverly has overcome many seemingly insurmountable obstacles. This has motivated her to lift as she climbs. Beverly is the advisor for the UW-Madison chapter of AHANA- MAPs Pre-Health Society and has been involved with restorative justice efforts for young people, community health education, and served on the Dane County Food Council looking to create policy recommendations to reduce food waste and increase equity and access for underserved populations. Beverly also serves on the executive board as the secretary of Operation Fresh Start.


Beverly is part of the founding design team and current administrative director of UW Madison School of Medicine and Public Health’s primer k-15 outreach program, The Ladder, resulting in her 2018 Wisconsin Women in Government Rising Star Award.

She is the recipient of the Honored Instructor Award from UW Madison, Issac Coggs Award from the Beta Omicron Chapter Kappa Alpha Psi, the 2017 Outstanding Woman of Color Award for UW-Madison and the 2019 Whole Hearted Service Award from the Gamma Epsilon Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc.


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