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The Research Her

The Research Her is a weekly science communication podcast for us that provides reliable and relatable topics from how hair products affect health to the effects of Instagram on mental health. It encourages improvement of the disproportionate amount of research focused on minorities. Host Elissia Franklin is a black woman in chemistry who shares the woes and rewards in her field while learning of research in many areas.

May 26, 2020

I was reading a little bit about affection, what it is, why we need it, and how to show it. My birthday is right around the corner and I like to celebrate on the podcast. I thought this year I would take the time out to remind myself why I love me.


This is the most important relationship that I have and it is important to me that this relationship continues to grow and prosper.


Here we go.


  • You realize that you aren't perfect
  • Always willing to be yourself
  • You’re always open to new things
  • You're loving
  • Amazed at your natural beauty
  • You're silly and fun
  • You don't care if people don't like you
  • You know how to cook
  • You're always looking to grow
  • You're so gentle with me
  • You're courageous
  • You are independent
  • When I am down, you do whatever it takes to get me back up
  • You're honest
  • You let me cry whenever I need to cry
  • You're very resourceful
  • You are always willing to walk away from situations that do not serve you
  • You sew for me
  • Your body is banging, an amazing smile, and an outstanding smile.
  • You keep people around who inspire you to be better
  • You inspire others to be better
  • You're so determined, ambitious, and believe anything is possible
  • You make me laugh every day
  • You know how to make something out of nothing.
  • You always want the best for me
  • Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn, both times you always get up with a smile
  • I love you for the way that you love me!



I challenge you to make a list at least as long a your age of reasons why you love yourself. Tag me in it on social media @ or send it via email.


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