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The Research Her

The Research Her is a weekly science communication podcast for us that provides reliable and relatable topics from how hair products affect health to the effects of Instagram on mental health. It encourages improvement of the disproportionate amount of research focused on minorities. Host Elissia Franklin is a black woman in chemistry who shares the woes and rewards in her field while learning of research in many areas.

May 11, 2020

I know that we are in the middle of a pandemic and the last thing that we want to talk about is… anything that does not have to do with the pandemic. However, I have something that I want to share. During and after working on my doctorate degree I suffered from depression, anxiety, and PTSD. It was through seeking the necessary help that I was able to gain back control over my thoughts and improve my health.

There are so many people out there who are suffering or have suffered from mental health issues and are ashamed because society is cruel. I hope that by adding this podcast to the collection of people sharing their experiences online I can move the normalization needle to help more people be okay with their diagnosis and seeking the attention that they need.


Even in dark times, choose to shine.


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Show sources:


Post-Adrenaline Blues by Eileen Kennedy-Moore Ph.D.

Evidence for a mental health crisis in graduate education by Teresa M Evans, Lindsay Bira, Jazmin Beltran Gastelum, L Todd Weiss & Nathan L Vanderford